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What You Need to Get a Divorce in Michigan

Many people contemplating divorce spend a lot of time pondering whether or not it is the right decision for the family. Actually filing for divorce has a mark of finality that prevents many people from doing so even if it is clearly the best course of action, especially if children are involved. In fact, the number of people divorcing in…

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Basics of Property Division in a Divorce

Unless you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse own absolutely no property together, division of property is an aspect of your divorce that you will eventually have to confront. Some couples address this issue before it ever arises by executing a premarital agreement or by reaching a mutual agreement on property division once a divorce petition is filed. However, if there is…

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An Overview of Child Custody in Michigan

There are few issues more contentious in a divorce or legal separation than child custody. Each parent has a vested interest in protecting the best interests of their child, and it can be easy to let emotions overrun efforts to work together. This is why judicial intervention is often necessary to provide an unbiased and logical approach to determining what…

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How Will Same-Sex Divorce Be Different Than Heterosexual Divorce?

With the legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the United States, many questions remain about how the landmark Supreme Court decision will affect same-sex couples that decide to seek a divorce. While many may assume that same-sex divorce will be identical to that of "traditional" couples, only time will tell what obstacles same-sex couples will face when seeking to end their…

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How Safe Is Your Personal Information in Michigan Divorce?

Keeping your personal information private and protected is extremely important. With digital security breaches and cases of identity theft happening at an alarming rate, people are becoming increasingly concerned about keeping their private information safeguarded from those who would do them harm. The same can be said when it comes to divorce. While a divorcing couple may not necessarily be…

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How Does Divorce Work if My Spouse Doesn’t Live in Michigan?

Typically when a couple decides to divorce they are both still residing in the same state. However, this is not always the case, as sometimes couples choose to live apart before they officially decide to end their marriage. Additionally, some couples may find themselves living in a different city or State as a result of employment and/or family obligations and,…

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