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Month: April 2015

  • Why Is Working With an Attorney in a Domestic Violence Case Necessary?
    One of the worst situations anyone can find themselves in is an abusive relationship. Whether it is spousal abuse or parental abuse, the victim of domestic violence suffers both physically and emotionally. Conversely, another awful situation to be in is that of a person wrongfully accused of domestic violence, ...
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    How Divorce Impacts Kids

    By Jeffrey M. Salassa

    How Divorce Impacts Kids
    Divorce impacts everyone involved, the couple, their children, extended family members and friends, with each encountering their own unique struggles and emotions. These struggles and emotions are often amplified for the children of a divorcing couple and each child may respond to divorce in his or her own ...
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  • Michigan Bill Could Make it Legal for Adoption Agencies to Refuse Service
    Adoption can be a great blessing for the couples and individuals who choose to adopt, but more importantly a blessing for those children given a family and home through adoption. Adoption can provide unlimited opportunities to children whose options and potential would otherwise be limited. Adoption, at its ...
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  • Important Things to Remember When Going Through Divorce
    The things one may worry about when it comes to divorce can seem endless: property division, spousal support, child custody, just to name a few. However, one thing more divorcing couples should be focused on but often goes over looked is planning for their financial future. According to Dee ...
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