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Year: 2015

  • How Will Faith-Based Adoption Laws Affect Children?
    Every child deserves to have loving and caring parents. Thus, for children who have been orphaned or who have parents that incapable of providing for them, foster care and adoption are terrific options. There are many would-be parents in the Macomb County area desperate to adopt. However, Michigan ...
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  • Which Living Arrangement Is Best for Kids After Divorce?
    Divorce is not an easy endeavor. Even when a couple knows that ending their marriage is the best decision for both of them, initiating the process can still be difficult. There are many reasons that divorce is hard; from division of assets to payment of support, with one ...
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  • Rare Case Ends With Only One Twin Receiving Child Support
    When most people hear the words child support, thoughts of two parents arguing over money come to mind. Similarly, when one hears the word paternity, they often think about genetic testing to prove who a child's father is. While these are both common scenarios in Domestic Court cases, ...
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  • Michigan Secures One of Its Largest Child Support Victories Ever
    Many divorcing couples with children face ongoing disputes regarding the children, including, but not limited to, child support. Child support can often be a contentious issue, even when both parties only want what is best for their children. Many noncustodial parents, most often fathers, pay child support not ...
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