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Yearly Archives: 2017


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Parental Alienation

The term parental alienation is used to describe the systematic attempts of a parent to destroy the parent-child relationship between the other parent and the couple’s children. Sadly, parental alienation is often utilized as a tactic in custody proceedings, which can have devastating consequences for the emotional health of the children involved. If you are going through a divorce and…

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New Law Would Change Joint Custody Requirements

The Michigan Legislature is currently considering a new bill that if passed, would require judges to award joint custody and substantially equal parenting time in most divorce cases. The bill passed the House Judiciary Committee on June 20, although a vote is not expected until after summer recess. If you have questions about how the law could affect you or…

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Grandparenting Time

In the groundbreaking case of Troxel v. Granville, the U.S. Supreme Court held that grandparents have a right to visitation of grandchildren if the child’s parents are deemed unfit. Last week, the Court of Appeals published a decision that helps incorporate the Supreme Court’s definition of a fit parent into Michigan’s Child Custody Act. Despite this clarification, it can still…

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Calculating Child Support in Michigan

In January, the Michigan Legislature enacted a series of new changes to the state’s child support laws. The amendments will have a significant impact on how child support is calculated, so if you are considering a divorce and have questions or concerns about paying child support, it is critical to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can explain…

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What Does Child Support Cover?

When a child's parents divorce, a child support order is typically part of their divorce settlement. This is to ensure that the child continues to have his or her living expenses covered after the divorce, rather than forcing an undue hardship on him or her. Child support is used to cover all of the expenses of raising a child, not…

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How is Parenting Time Determined in Michigan?

In Michigan, like in other states, a child's best interest is used to determine an appropriate parenting time schedule for him or her. A parenting time schedule is the court-determined time that the child spends with his or her parents, who may have joint or sole physical and legal custody of him or her. If you are a parent going…

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