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Month: December 2018

  • Michigan Woman Found in Tennessee with Kidnapped Child
    Police officers in Knoxville, Tennessee recently found a 7-year-old child that had been kidnapped from Michigan. The department says they received a tip that the boy might be in the Central Avenue Pike area and stopped a vehicle in that area. The boy was then recovered from the vehicle, ...
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    Are You Codependent?

    By Iafrate & Salassa

    Are You Codependent?
    The term “codependent” describes relationships in which one partner pours all of his or her efforts into meeting the other’s needs, particularly when the spouse receiving the effort is unable to meet them him- or herself due to mental illness, addiction, or harmful or criminal behavior. Codependency is not ...
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  • Additional Arrests Made Stemming from a Multi-State Drug Raid
    Additional arrests were made stemming from a drug raid that started earlier in the week. Parkersburg Police officials say that ongoing arrests are part of a crackdown on drugs and federal agencies are helping. Over 30 arrests were made during the drug busts that involved local, state, and ...
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