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Three Factors that Complicate Divorce in Royal Oak

Any divorce can become complicated, particularly when they are hotly contested. There are some common factors in many Royal Oak divorces, though, that will complicate a divorce even when the divorcing spouses are not engaged in a bitter battle. These factors are when children are involved, when a business must be divided, and when one spouse is hiding assets. Although…

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What Happens to Pets in a Divorce?

There are many issues that will arise during any divorce case. Child custody, child support, and alimony are just a few. These are also the issues that many people first think of when it comes to divorce. One issue that is often overlooked though are the family pets. During the marriage, both spouses likely developed a strong emotional bond with…

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Can You Modify Alimony in Sterling Heights?

If there is one constant in life, it is change. Even after a divorce is finalized and the couple has gone their own ways, circumstances change and sometimes, those final terms are no longer appropriate. When that is the case, it is possible to modify those terms, but the two spouses cannot do this on their own. Below is some…

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Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation 

Michigan is one of many states that allows divorcing couples to avoid litigation by going through mediation to have their divorce finalized. Many couples choose mediation because it has so many benefits over lengthy courtroom battles. However, mediation is not suitable for everyone. If you or your spouse cannot compromise and are far apart on the terms of the divorce,…

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How Long Does a Divorce Take in Royal Oak?

Divorces are difficult, and understandably, those going through one typically want it to be over as soon as possible. Unfortunately for some, it may take longer to get a divorce than it did to plan the wedding. There are several factors that determine the timeline of any divorce, and many mistakes divorcing couples can make that drag out the process…

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What are the Different Types of Child Custody in Sterling Heights?

When a divorce in Sterling Heights involves children, it will also include child custody hearings. Michigan courts always encourage parents to attempt to come to an agreement on their own. If they can do so, and the agreement is fair to both parties, the courts will usually approve it.  Unfortunately, many parents cannot come to an agreement and so, it…

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