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7 Facts About Divorce After a Long-Term Marriage

7 Facts About Divorce After a Long-Term Marriage

28 / August 2023

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7 Facts About Divorce After a Long-Term Marriage

Divorce is one of the biggest challenges a family will ever experience. It’s never easy, and that’s especially true for couples who are divorcing after decades spent together. Gray divorce tends to involve complex issues that are challenging to navigate. Long-term marriages don’t end on a whim: often, significant heartache is involved, and divorce is a last-resort decision when nothing else can mend the relationship. This emotional process requires a legal advocate who can ensure the resolution upholds your best interests. 

Iafrate & Salassa understands the stress you’re under. If you’re faced with a divorce after decades together, turn to our compassionate attorneys. We are available to review your case and help you prepare for the road ahead. Below, we outline gray divorce facts that couples should keep in mind. 

While Gray Divorce Has Doubled Since 1990, It’s Less Common Than Divorces Among Younger Couples

Gray divorces are increasing, but it remains a less common form of divorce when compared to couples under 50 who split. This is partially attributed to changing attitudes regarding divorce. Older generations faced a greater stigma of divorce, which is why it was more common for couples to deal with an unhappy relationship instead of separating. Younger generations are less reluctant about divorce, so rates are higher than they used to be. 

Marital Past Is the Biggest Risk Factor for Gray Divorce

Studies have demonstrated that previous divorce is the biggest risk factor for gray divorce. Individuals who have divorced in the past are more likely to divorce their next spouse. Remarriage is about 2.5 times as high for those over 50 who have previously divorced. Remarriages within 10 years are about 10 times as likely to end in divorce than couples who have been married for over 40 years. 

Gray Divorce Is Less Common Among Those With Relative Wealth

Financial health and divorce have a complex relationship. There is a common misbelief that financial hardship keeps couples together, but studies have demonstrated that this isn’t necessarily true. Retirement wasn’t a factor in divorce among older couples: rather, it was unemployment that strained a relationship. The financial stressors of job insecurity can deteriorate midlife marriages. Furthermore, affluent couples may have more assets to lose in a divorce which may make them more hesitant to split. 

Long Marriages End Often Due to Martial Failure Over the Course of Decades

Most often, long-term marriages end only when a couple sees no other options before them. This is often due to ongoing issues that have been left ignored for years. Problems left festering for years can lead to deep-seated resentment that a couple can no longer resolve. 

Kids Have a Hard Time With Gray Divorce, Too

Even if the children are older or grown, that doesn’t mean the transition will be easy for them. Couples may try to stay together for their children’s sake, but a strained relationship may only make matters worse in the long run. Adult children often have complicated feelings about their divorced parents. 

Discuss Your Case With a Compassionate Attorney

Divorce is never easy, and gray divorce involves crucial decisions that will impact your entire family. Review your case with a trusted divorce attorney who can provide compassionate guidance when you need it the most. Call Iafrate & Salassa to learn the next steps.

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