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  • Default Judgments – What You Face If You Ignore a Divorce Petition
    Going through a divorce is not a process most people approach with any sort of positive emotion and many just count the days until the whole thing is over. These kinds of attitudes certainly make sense when one considers that very few people enter into marriage with divorce ...
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  • Penalties for Non-Payment of Child Support that Could Lead to Jail Time
    It is generally known that state governments take the non-payment of child support seriously and typically are diligent about pursuing parents who fall behind. State governments place a heavy emphasis on this issue, because, often, the custodial parents who are not receiving child support must resort to public ...
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  • Why Is a Judge Appointing a Guardian ad Litem in My Child Custody Dispute?
    In an ideal world, all divorces would be amicable and children would suffer no ill effects from their parents' separation. Unfortunately, not all divorces go smoothly, and individuals often have good and valid reasons for feeling negative towards a soon-to-be ex-spouse. When it comes to divorces that involve ...
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    How Do You “Un-Divorce” a Former Spouse?

    By Iafrate & Salassa

    How Do You “Un-Divorce” a Former Spouse?
    The finality of divorce gives most people comfort in knowing a former spouse is no longer emotionally or legally connected to them, but the conclusiveness of divorce decree also means it is extremely important to analyze the impact of this decision on all aspects of a person's life ...
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