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Establishing Paternity in Michigan

For most children, there is no question as to who their parents are. However, as the marriage rate continues to drop as millennials enter and progress through adulthood, issues of paternity and who has rights as a legal parent are likely to become more common. Unmarried parents rarely pursue establishing paternity until there is a separation and the father tries…

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Parental Rights and Obligations for Children Born to Unmarried Couples

Most children grow up knowing who their parents are without question and see their parents' authority and legal status recognized by those that matter, such as school officials, doctors, and government agencies. Recognition as a child's parent brings with it rights regarding the physical custody of the child and the authority to make important life decisions for the child's benefit.…

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What Do You Need for a Legal Marriage in Michigan?

The ability to marry is seen as one of the main tenets of life in a free society and, in many respects, forms the bedrock of family law issues. Deciding, and then planning, to marry is viewed as a joyous occasion for an overwhelming majority of couples. Those intending to marry typically do not give much thought to the legal…

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Enforcing Child Support Court Orders

For most single parents child support payments are essential to their ability to provide the basic necessities for their children and if child support payments are irregular or nonexistent, the stability of the entire family is often threatened. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is involved at all levels of the child support process, from locating an…

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Role of the Friends of the Court in Family Court Matters

For the average person, dealing with the judicial system seems overwhelming and an absolute last resort. However, family law disputes often force people into a courtroom, sometimes against their will. As such, in addition to the Judge assigned to a family law case, Michigan has an agency that assists the Family Division of Circuit Courts with issues related to custody,…

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The Basics of Alimony Law in Michigan

A request for alimony or spousal support can quickly become a highly contentious issue that is not easily settled. Parties typically approach this issue from diametrically-opposed viewpoints that require the intervention of a mediator or judge in order to obtain a resolution. For spouses with little property or low income levels for whom alimony is the only way to realistically…

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