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Author: Jeffrey M. Salassa

  • Michigan Divorce Law Leaves Major Hole in Information Protection
    No one wants the details of their divorce becoming public information. In most cases, divorce is a private matter and the families involved want to keep private details of the proceedings just that, private, especially when children are involved. While most divorces in Macomb County will never draw ...
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    Avoid These Common Divorce Mistakes

    By Jeffrey M. Salassa

    Avoid These Common Divorce Mistakes
    The tabloids are filled with stories of possible celebrity divorce, fueling rumors about which celebrity couple will soon be calling it quits. While celebrity and divorce do seem to go hand in hand, divorce is just as common in non-celebrity relationships. Regardless of notoriety, the causes of divorce ...
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  • Country Star’s Divorce Settlement Made Easy by Prenup
    No one plans on getting a divorce when they enter into marriage. Couples marry with hopes and dreams of being together forever. However, with about half of all marriages now ending in divorce, it is clear that, even when couples have the best intentions, marriage is difficult and ...
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  • New Research Indicates Divorce Might Not Be as Unhealthy as Suspected
    While there is no question that divorce is a difficult and emotional process, many studies have been done examining the positive effects of divorce after the process is completed. More specifically, the positive effects a divorce can have on a person's health may actually outweigh the negative effects ...
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