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Avenger Star’s Divorce Could Turn Ugly After Wife’s Initial Claims

Avenger Star’s Divorce Could Turn Ugly After Wife’s Initial Claims

15 / January 2015

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Avenger Star’s Divorce Could Turn Ugly After Wife’s Initial Claims

Anyone in the Macomb County area who is contemplating divorce has probably considered how their property will be divided if they were to actually file. Divorce cases are complex and make take unexpected turns during the course of litigation, especially relative to child custody and division of property, even more so when the financial estate being divided is large in size.

Actor Jeremy Renner, best known for helping to conquer evil villains in his role in the Avengers, will now attempt to conquer the division of his financial assets as his marriage of just 10 months to Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, is apparently over as Pacheco has reportedly filed for divorce from the 43-year-old Renner.

According to early court filings, it appears that the breakup is not a smooth one. Pacheco has reportedly filed a claim seeking that Renner return her “stolen passport, birth certificate and social security card.” In her Complaint, Pacheco cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for her filing for divorce. She has also filed a request that the couple’s prenuptial agreement be disregarded as she claims that the agreement is based on fraud. She is asking for spousal support, use of one of the couple’s vehicles and money for continued living expenses, specifically for rent. Pacheco has also asked for joint legal custody, as well as sole physical custody, of the couple’s only child, a 2-year-old daughter.

While reports indicate that Mr. Renner reportedly wanted out of the marriage from the beginning, he did not, and does not, want to be a part-time father. According to one source, Renner is prepared to fight for full custody of his daughter. The same source claimed Renner feared that his estranged wife might try to take their daughter with her back to Canada.

Most divorce cases never receive the kind of attention that a celebrity divorce does, but that does not mean that all divorces are not equally difficult and important. Trying to go through a divorce without the help of an experienced Clinton Township family law attorney can be very daunting. Likewise, when it comes to dividing property and settling child custody issues, having the help of a lawyer can make a huge difference in the terms of the final settlement. If you need help with your divorce settlement in Macomb County, then please contact us at Iafrate & Salassa. Click here or call (586) 263-1600.

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