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Can Children Decide Where to Live in Michigan Custody Proceedings?

If you are going through a child custody battle, it is likely the hardest thing you have ever experienced. For the children caught in the crossfire, it is even more difficult. They are already dealing with the fact that their parents will no longer be together, and the thought of a child custody fight can make it even harder.  In…

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Importance of a Prenup for High Net Worth Divorce

Prenuptial agreements are appropriate for any couple about to get married, but they are of particular importance for couples with a high net worth. Divorces that involve high net worths or a great amount of assets are incredibly complex. First separate property and marital property must be defined, and then it must be divided. All of this is extremely complex,…

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What to Expect in a Divorce Pretrial Hearing

Once the divorce process has started, the two sides can resolve their legal issues in a number of ways. They can reach an agreement on their own, undergo mediation and negotiations to reach a settlement agreement, or go to trial during which a judge will resolve all legal disputes. Before going to trial, you will have to attend a pretrial…

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Debt and Property Division in a Michigan Divorce

When a marriage ends, everything owned by the couple is divided. Most people worry about their assets being subject to division, but it is also important to consider the debts that will be divided. If you are going through a divorce, or are about to, our Michigan family law attorneys will help you prepare for the future, including the equitable…

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How Much Back Child Support is a Felony in Michigan?

Getting behind on child support payments is a serious matter. In Michigan, all parents are required to financially support their children until they are no longer minors. However, child support can become a burden to some. The amount of child support can quickly add up, and it can become challenging to make these payments along with all of your other…

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Can a Child Refuse to Visit a Parent?

When a couple gets a divorce, it affects the entire family, particularly when there are children involved. After a divorce, it is not uncommon for one parent to be named the primary caregiver with the other parent being given visitation rights, with a certain amount of visitation days every month being allocated to them. This type of situation is sensitive…

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