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How Can I Help My Child Cope With My Divorce?

Divorce is part of life. The Michigan Department Of Community Health (MDCH) reports that 20,759 married couples got divorced in the state in 2020 alone. While going through a divorce is always challenging, it can bring an additional level of stress for parents of young children.  The good news is that there are proactive strategies that you can use to…

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Can a Professional Practice be Divided in Divorce?

Divorce is complicated—especially so for professionals who own their own practice. This raises an important question: Can a professional practice be split in a divorce in Michigan? The short answer is, "it depends on what you mean." Michigan law largely prevents courts from splitting a professional practice in half, but a professional practice may be deemed a marital asset that…

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What is a Divorce Budget, and Why is it Important?

Divorce happens. The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDCH) reports that there were 20,759 divorces filed in the state in 2020. Although it is common, ending a marriage can be challenging. There are many issues that need to be addressed and resolved―including finances.  By proactively creating and maintaining a budget during your divorce, you can help to protect your financial…

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How to Start a Divorce in Michigan

So, you have come to the decision that divorce is in the cards, and now you want to know how the process unfolds. Before you can make these decisions, however, you will want to have some idea of your future goals. A Michigan divorce lawyer can help you through every phase of the process. Below, we will discuss the first…

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How to Help Your Child Deal Effectively With Your Divorce

The breakup of a marriage can be devastating for everyone involved. While the adults grapple with the legal issues surrounding the breakup of their marriage and the fallout with family and friends, children are often left with unanswered questions about the divorce and what will happen in the future. Fortunately, young people are resilient and can recover quickly, provided their…

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Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney When Filing for Divorce

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services reports that approximately 20,000 couples get divorced in the state each year. Although divorce is relatively common, that does not make it any less hard to go through one yourself. You need to be prepared for the process—and one of the best things you can do is to set up a confidential…

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