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Can Divorce Be Good for the Kids?

Child Custody
Can Divorce Be Good for the Kids?

08 / September 2020

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Can Divorce Be Good for the Kids?

Most parents who go through a divorce think that it is going to be hardest on the children. While it is true that divorce is difficult for children, there are ways in which the process can actually make them stronger, better people. If you are going through a divorce that will involve children, understanding how it can be good for the kids can make the entire process less stressful.

Divorce can Make a Tense Situation Less Stressful

Even when parents try to remain civil with each other during the divorce, children still know when something is wrong between their parents. If the two of you have been openly fighting and yelling at each other, the situation becomes even worse for the children. Once parents make the decision to divorce, the fighting may stop, and some of the tension may ease. All of this can help children feel more relaxed.

Better Relationship With Each Parent

During the custody hearings that are always a part of a divorce that involves children, a judge will likely award each parent visitation time. Although it is difficult for parents to spend less time with their children, it is beneficial for the children to spend time alone with each of their parents. Parents are often even more present during visitation because they understand that the time is precious and so, they focus more on their children. This can be extremely beneficial for the whole family.

Better Relationship With Siblings

When a divorce involves multiple children, siblings can lean on each other during what is likely the most difficult time of their lives. This support is important because no one can understand what a child is going through better than a sibling. Once the divorce is finalized, this strengthened bond often remains with the siblings indefinitely.

Better Self-Sufficiency

Even if one parent stayed home with the children during the marriage, there is a chance that each parent will have to work once the divorce is finalized. While younger children may be placed into daycare while the parents work, older children may be left at home. There, they may have to learn how to make their own food, clean up the house, and generally become more self-sufficient and independent. These are important skills they will have for the rest of their lives.

Our Michigan Family Lawyers can Help Make Divorce Easier

Divorce is never easy, and it will likely be difficult for your children. However, the process can also help children develop important skills and character that they otherwise would not have had a chance to. If you are getting a divorce and there are children involved, the Clinton Township family lawyers at Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., can help. We understand the child custody laws in Michigan and will negotiate with the other side effectively to secure the fair settlement you deserve. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.

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