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How Can a DUI/OWI While on the Job Affect You?

How Can a DUI/OWI While on the Job Affect You?

24 / February 2015

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How Can a DUI/OWI While on the Job Affect You?

Being arrested and convicted of a DUI/OWI is never a good thing. The consequences of such a conviction can be very costly. Not only can you be fined for the offense, but you can also lose your driver’s license and be sentenced to jail time. Additionally, having a DUI/OWI conviction on your record can severely hurt you in other ways as well, including, but not limited to your current and future employment opportunities, especially if said employment involves driving.

Here are some things to consider if you have been convicted of OWI/DUI or you are facing an OWI charge. Any employer who performs a background check will be able to uncover any prior OWI convictions. However, many employers only look at the last three years of an applicant’s driving record, which means if your conviction is older than that, there’s a good chance it will not negatively impact you. Nevertheless, if an employer directly asks if you have ever been convicted of operating while intoxicated you must answer truthfully.

Further, if you are convicted of OWI while on the job, you likely will face immediate termination. Moreover, if you try to apply for future employment that requires driving, there is no question that the potential employer will also check your driving record for any prior convictions. While a prior conviction does not guarantee that you will not be considered for future employment, it could definitely hurt your chances of being hired.

OWI convictions can result in one or more of the following:

  • License Suspension – If you lose your license you will not be able to operate a vehicle and employers might not consider you for employment if you are unable to get yourself to work.
  • Loss of Insurance – Even if youkeep your job and your license you might still lose your insurance, which means that you still will not be able to drive. Many insurance companies will not cover people with OWI convictions.
  • Diversion Program – If you avoid jail time, you might still be put into a diversion program, which means that you could be obligated to notify your employer of the offense.
  • Missed Work Time – Another thing that could dissuade employers from keeping you and/or hiring you is the amount of work time you will miss due to court appearances and probationary requirements, i.e. counseling, random drops.

Obviously, it’s best to avoid to DUI’s and OWI’s by never drinking and driving or “drugging” and driving. However, if you are facing a charge in Macomb County, you should immediately seek the help of an experienced OWI defense attorney. At Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., we work to ensure that you receive the most favorable outcome possible in all situations. Click here to contact us or call (586) 263-1600.

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