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  • How Will Faith-Based Adoption Laws Affect Children?
    Every child deserves to have loving and caring parents. Thus, for children who have been orphaned or who have parents that incapable of providing for them, foster care and adoption are terrific options. There are many would-be parents in the Macomb County area desperate to adopt. However, Michigan ...
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  • Michigan Bill Could Make it Legal for Adoption Agencies to Refuse Service
    Adoption can be a great blessing for the couples and individuals who choose to adopt, but more importantly a blessing for those children given a family and home through adoption. Adoption can provide unlimited opportunities to children whose options and potential would otherwise be limited. Adoption, at its ...
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  • Do I Need an Attorney for Adoption?

    By Jeffrey M. Salassa

    Do I Need an Attorney for Adoption?
    Many people in Macomb County, couples and singles alike, long to have children. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to start a family is able to do so. There are many reasons why starting a family can prove to be difficult, but, regardless of why, struggling to do so ...
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