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Can You Get an Annulment in Michigan?

Some people wish to separate and no longer continue on as a married couple, but they do not want to get an actual divorce. When this is the case, the couple often wonders if they can get an annulment. Annulments are available in Michigan, but only in limited situations. If you are thinking about leaving your spouse but do not…

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Were You Served Divorce Papers? Here is What to do Next

Being served divorce papers is enough to make anyone feel angry, hurt, and confused. A lot of that confusion comes from the shock of hearing your spouse wants to divorce. After working through those feelings, it is not uncommon to wonder what to do next. If your spouse has served you with papers, below are the next steps you should…

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Tips for Making Joint Custody Work

Joint custody is often the best case scenario for children involved in a divorce because it allows them to continue spending time with both parents fairly equally. While it is good for children, it is often difficult for parents who are trying to move through the process together. Below are some tips for parents that are trying to make joint…

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Three Factors that Complicate Divorce in Royal Oak

Any divorce can become complicated, particularly when they are hotly contested. There are some common factors in many Royal Oak divorces, though, that will complicate a divorce even when the divorcing spouses are not engaged in a bitter battle. These factors are when children are involved, when a business must be divided, and when one spouse is hiding assets. Although…

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What Happens to Pets in a Divorce?

There are many issues that will arise during any divorce case. Child custody, child support, and alimony are just a few. These are also the issues that many people first think of when it comes to divorce. One issue that is often overlooked though are the family pets. During the marriage, both spouses likely developed a strong emotional bond with…

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Can You Modify Alimony in Sterling Heights?

If there is one constant in life, it is change. Even after a divorce is finalized and the couple has gone their own ways, circumstances change and sometimes, those final terms are no longer appropriate. When that is the case, it is possible to modify those terms, but the two spouses cannot do this on their own. Below is some…

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