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What is My Non-Working Ex-Spouse Entitled To?

Unemployment remains one of the leading reasons couples get divorced in the United States. It makes no difference whether the unemployment is voluntary or involuntary, either. The chances of divorce increase by 33 percent compared to a couple where the other spouse is employed full-time.  If you’re planning to divorce a non-working spouse, you should understand what it will mean…

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Should I Still Get a Divorce Attorney if We Agree on Everything?

If you are headed toward an amicable divorce, you can count yourself lucky. When both spouses mutually agree that it is best to end the marriage, they can enjoy a relatively smooth divorce. It is even better when both spouses are on the same page when it comes to child custody, alimony, property division, and child support. But does mutual…

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How to Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer

One of the most important decisions as you approach a divorce in Michigan is your choice of lawyer. In an ideal world, your divorce will go very smoothly – and you will resolve all of your differences with your ex without going to court. But there is also a real chance of your divorce going to trial – which could…

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Who is Considered an Unfit Parent?

It is common for parties to make accusations and allegations of misconduct during a divorce or family law case, but there are some situations where there are serious concerns about parental fitness. This issue arises in connection with Michigan child custody, which state law terms allocation of parental responsibilities. The general preference is for parents to share in decision-making, though…

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How Can I Help My Child Cope With My Divorce?

Divorce is part of life. The Michigan Department Of Community Health (MDCH) reports that 20,759 married couples got divorced in the state in 2020 alone. While going through a divorce is always challenging, it can bring an additional level of stress for parents of young children.  The good news is that there are proactive strategies that you can use to…

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Can a Professional Practice be Divided in Divorce?

Divorce is complicated—especially so for professionals who own their own practice. This raises an important question: Can a professional practice be split in a divorce in Michigan? The short answer is, "it depends on what you mean." Michigan law largely prevents courts from splitting a professional practice in half, but a professional practice may be deemed a marital asset that…

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