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Wife of Oklahoma Oil Man Deposits Huge Settlement Check

When a married couple in Macomb County decides to call it quits and end their marriage, they will have to resolve several issues before they can officially and legally finalize their divorce. Sometimes agreements can be reached without too much turmoil. However, in most cases, deciding on things like child custody, child support payments, spousal support and property division does…

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How is Parenting Time Determined in Divorce?

Are you considering divorce? Do you have children? If you answered yes to these questions, then you probably have several questions of your own. For example, you probably wonder how your parenting time will be affected after your divorce. At Iafrate & Salassa we understand where you are coming from, as we deal with these kinds of situations every day.…

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Avenger Star’s Divorce Could Turn Ugly After Wife’s Initial Claims

Anyone in the Macomb County area who is contemplating divorce has probably considered how their property will be divided if they were to actually file. Divorce cases are complex and make take unexpected turns during the course of litigation, especially relative to child custody and division of property, even more so when the financial estate being divided is large in…

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Ways to Build a Stronger Professional Relationship With Your Divorce Attorney

No one, especially young newlyweds -- whose lifetime divorce risk is approximately 40% -- wants to consider the possibility of divorce. While divorce was once a sensitive subject, it has become increasingly commonplace in the United States, so much so that the shock factor has all but disappeared. Divorce, it seems, is reflective of the rapidly changing dynamics of blended…

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Four Things You Need to Bring to a Divorce Consultation

It is a known fact that divorce rates are increasing, so much so that divorce has almost become commonplace. In fact, first marriages only last an average of eight years, with nearly 60% of second marriages also ending in divorce. The rate for divorce for those who marry for a third time is higher still, at 73%. While each couples'…

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The Top Three Mistakes People Make in Filing for Divorce

Making the decision to file for divorce is undoubtedly difficult. The most common reasons for divorce are a combination of lack of healthy communication, infidelity, finances, emotional or physical abuse, and loss of interest in the marriage. Though the circumstances of each divorce may vary, the pain and emotional response remain the same. These emotions may range from confusion, fear,…

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