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Domestic Violence

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Signs Your Divorce Could Get Ugly

In some Michigan divorce cases, couples are able to overcome personal differences to reach agreements that allow their case to be effectively resolved in the most timely and cost effective manner possible. In others, resentments and the desire to be vindictive can escalate an already tense and difficult situation. The following are some signs that there could be trouble brewing…

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Domestic Violence: Controlling A Partner through Fear and Abuse

Domestic violence comes in many forms, but all of its forms have the same goal: to maintain control over a partner. Domestic violence is not always obvious to outside observers, sometimes because its victims and perpetrators are adept at hiding its effects and other times, because the type of abuse occurring does not have obvious visible symptoms. Learn to recognize…

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The Effect of Domestic Violence on Divorce and Child Custody and Support

Filing for divorce is rarely an easy decision, but the addition of domestic violence to an already emotional equation can make filing a truly frightening experience for many victims. Lawmakers recognize that domestic violence victims seeking divorce or protection from their attackers need special consideration when it comes to issues like mediation and child custody. A recent article in The…

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Why Is Working With an Attorney in a Domestic Violence Case Necessary?

One of the worst situations anyone can find themselves in is an abusive relationship. Whether it is spousal abuse or parental abuse, the victim of domestic violence suffers both physically and emotionally. Conversely, another awful situation to be in is that of a person wrongfully accused of domestic violence, as the stigma of even being accused of abuse/violence can damage…

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