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Child Custody And You: The Importance Of Knowing Your Rights

Child Custody
Child Custody And You: The Importance Of Knowing Your Rights

06 / October 2014

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Child Custody And You: The Importance Of Knowing Your Rights

Celebrity power-couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon recently announced their long-speculated separation after six years of marriage. In the United States, it’s estimated that first marriages typically end in divorce after only eight years. This is Carey’s second marriage. According to statistics, in the United States, 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages also end in divorce. “There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months. My main focus is the kids,” Cannon stated in a recent interview.

It is evident that both Carey and Cannon love their twins Moroccan and Monroe dearly. However, the aftermath of any divorce or separation comes with the task of determining child custody and support. This is a harsh reality for many divorced or separated couples, regardless of celebrity status. Child custody disputes are a common occurrence and can be draining both mentally and emotionally. However, a child custody attorney can help you navigate the legal process and work to ensure that your rights, as well as the rights of your child or children, are protected. Child custody lawyers always keep the best interest of the child in mind, focusing on the emotional, financial and even medical needs of the child, as well as the child’s living arrangements and the responsibilities and expectations of each parent.

Though many people may assume child custody proceedings are extremely time consuming, this is not always the case. The length of the process depends greatly on how much each party wants to litigate the issue. Depending on each client’s unique circumstances, hearings can last anywhere from a few months up to and exceeding a year. During that time, a family law lawyer or child custody attorney may enter a temporary custody Order until a final agreement is reached. If problems arise with the temporary Order during the pendency of the case, the terms of the Order will be closely examined during any subsequent hearings.

In addition to child custody, child support is also an important aspect in divorce or separation proceedings. A child support lawyer or child custody attorney will be able to help you understand what, if any, financial obligation you may have post-Judgment. Child support attorneys work diligently to develop a support order that reflects the actual income and parenting time of the parties to ensure the child’s needs are being met. Child support payments vary depending on the client’s situation, but are largely based on the respective incomes and parenting time of the parties.

Though the decision to file for divorce or separate from a partner may be difficult, it is usually the healthiest option for all involved, especially the children. Those who are considering divorce are encouraged to consult with their local child custody attorney to explore all of their options.

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