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Bloomfield Divorce Lawyer

Bloomfield Divorce Lawyer

When you said “I do,” you might never have imagined that you would be unhappy in your marriage and looking for a way out. But the truth is that a significant percentage of American marriages end in divorce. These divorces occur for various reasons and depending on a couple’s reasons for divorce and individual circumstances, a divorce could be a fairly simply process or it could be long and drawn out over months or even years.

In Michigan, an individual may file for divorce if he or she has resided in the state for at least 180 days prior to filing for divorce. He or she must also have resided in the county where he or she files for divorce for at least 10 days prior to filing, unless he or she meets all of the following criteria:

  • He or she has a minor child;
  • The non-filing spouse is a citizen of a country other than the United States; or
  • There is a risk that the non-filing spouse will take the minor child out of the United States and hold him or her there.

Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Couples divorce for a variety of reasons. In Michigan, all divorces are filed as no-fault divorces, which means that an individual is not required to state a reason, or “ground,” for divorce when filing.

A few common reasons why couples divorce include:

  • Adultery;
  • Ideological differences with regard to lifestyle, religion, finances, or raising their children;
  • Addiction; and
  • An inability to effectively resolve conflicts.

Issues to Consider During your Divorce

Because every marriage is unique, every divorce is unique. There might be issues you need to consider in your divorce that another couple does not need to consider. Similarly, there might be issues that others have to face that will not be a part of your divorce.

Issues to determine during a divorce settlement include:

How an Experienced Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

Working with a divorce lawyer is the best way you can protect your rights and promote your interests during your divorce. A lawyer can negotiate with the court on your behalf to give you a better chance of exiting your marriage with a fair share of your marital property, a schedule that allows you to continue to maintain a healthy relationship with your child, and a resolution to the issues that might have hindered you, such as debt accrued during the marriage.

A divorce lawyer can also help you after your divorce. Sometimes, issues crop up that require your settlement to be revisited and modified, such as a child developing special needs or a remarriage. These are known as post-decree modifications. Your lawyer can help you navigate these and reach fair, new solutions.

Work with a Bloomfield Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering filing for divorce, first speak with an experienced divorce lawyer to determine all of the issues at hand and the right legal strategy for handling them. You might find that there are certain issues present that you had not considered or you might find out that your divorce can be much more straightforward than you initially imagined. To get this conversation started, set up your free legal consultation with Iafrate & Salassa, P.C.

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