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Child Custody Lawyers in St. Clair Shores

Child Custody Lawyers in St. Clair Shores

When parents divorce, it can be incredibly hard on their children. Trying to resolve child custody matters does not always help. These issues are some of the most emotional, and the most contentious, of any divorce. It is important; however, that parents try to resolve their child custody disputes as quickly as possible. This is the only way to make the divorce as easy as possible on the children. Child custody lawyers in St. Clair Shores can help any parent going through a divorce understand the issues around child custody in Michigan, and help them come to a swift resolution.

Determining Child Custody

In St. Clair Shores, child custody matters are determined according to what is in the best interests of the child. If parents can devise their own parenting plan, typically the courts will agree to it. If the parents cannot come to an agreement, they may enter mediation or litigation to reach a decision. In Michigan, there are three main types of child custody:

  • Legal custody: A parent who has legal custody over a child can make all important decisions regarding the child, such as those relating to school, religion, and medical treatment. The courts typically try to award both parents legal custody, although that is not suitable in all situations. 
  • Physical custody: This type of custody decides where the child will live most of the time, and which parent will have primary care of the child. Parents are typically more likely to agree to joint legal custody than joint physical custody. It is important that matters of physical custody be resolved quickly, and that the main focus is fostering a healthy, loving relationship between the child and both parents. 
  • Joint custody: If one parent requests it, the courts must consider granting joint custody. This does not mean that a judge has to grant it. In cases in which the parents cannot get along or agree on decisions involving the child, the courts likely will not grant joint custody. 

Visitation/Parenting Time

When deciding on child custody and visitation, or parenting time as it is often called, the courts place an emphasis on fostering a healthy and loving relationship between the child and each parent. As such, the noncustodial parent is usually awarded parenting time.

The amount of time they are awarded will vary depending on the unique circumstances. Parents often wish to draft their own agreement, as they are more familiar with their own schedules and what is right for them than a judge. The Michigan Parenting Time Guideline is a document that was created to help parents plan for visitation and parenting time. 

In some cases, such as when one parent has issues with drug or alcohol abuse, supervised parenting time may be required. 

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