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Family Law Attorney Royal Oak

Family Law Attorney Royal Oak

Legal disagreements involving members of the same family are some of the most contentious. It is important to resolve these disputes in a manner that keeps the familial relationships as intact as possible, especially when children are involved. Resolving disputes without the help of a family law attorney in Royal Oak can quickly escalate the situation, making a peaceful resolution impossible. If you have a dispute involving divorce, child custody, or any other family law matter, a lawyer can advise you of your legal options while also bringing a level of objectivity that can help keep the peace.

Divorce Laws in Royal Oak

Divorce is one of the most common issues for family law attorneys in Royal Oak, and the complexity of these cases varies widely. Sometimes, a divorce case only involves the drafting of a simple agreement while other times, extensive litigation is necessary. 

In any case, the divorce process begins when one spouse files for divorce. Both spouses do not have to agree to the divorce. When one spouse files for divorce, they must only state that there has been a breakdown of the marital relationship and that there is no possibility of reconciliation. Once the papers have been filed, there is a 60-day waiting period before the divorce can be finalized, if there are no children involved. If children are involved, the waiting period is extended to six months.

Child Support and Child Custody Issues

Child custody and child support issues are a common aspect of many divorce cases. While these issues are common in divorce cases, disputes can arise once the process is finalized, too. Sometimes, child custody and child support orders have to be modified, although this is typically only possible when there is a significant change in circumstances. The burden of proof for making changes to child custody and support is high, so it is always important to speak to a family law attorney in Royal Oak for help.

Litigation vs. Mediation

When many people envision divorce, they picture a lengthy courtroom battle. Fortunately, this is not the only way to get a divorce. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that many couples explore when they get a divorce. During mediation, each spouse meets with a neutral third party mediator who helps them reach a compromise and agreement without the need for going to court. 

The agreement is legally binding, and if the couple cannot reach an agreement, the matter will move into litigation. Mediation is not required in Michigan divorce cases, but it is recommended, as it is a more affordable and often quicker way to get a divorce.

Our Royal Oak Family Law Attorney Can Help Resolve Your Dispute

There are many family law issues, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and more. When you are involved in any of these disputes, or any other, our family law attorney in Royal Oak can provide the legal advice you need. At Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., our knowledgeable attorneys will advise on the law that governs your dispute, and give you the best chance of a positive outcome. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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