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Macomb County Domestic Violence Attorneys

Macomb County Domestic Violence Attorneys

Allegations of domestic violence are taken seriously in Michigan. Strong protections are in place for victims and in family law cases, domestic violence charges can impact custody proceedings and rights to marital property and support. At Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. our Macomb County domestic violence attorneys provide the strong legal representation you need in these types of cases. Whether you are facing abuse by a spouse or have been accused of committing domestic violence, we can guide you through the ensuing legal process while helping to ensure your rights are protected.   

Domestic Violence Accusations in Michigan

According to Michigan Incident Crime Reporting statistics, more than 5,000 cases of domestic violence are reported throughout our area each year. These are crimes alleged to have been committed against spouses, children, and other family members. At Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. our Macomb County domestic violence attorneys represent clients in these cases, which may involve the following:

  • Hitting, punching, shoving, or otherwise assaulting a family member;
  • Engaging in forced sexual relations or sexual harassment;
  • Using threats as a means of intimidation or coercion;
  • Stalking and harassing others at work, school, or in public places;
  • Damaging property that belongs to family members;
  • Name calling, put downs, and other types of emotional abuse.

Under the Michigan Penal Code, domestic violence is a serious criminal offense. In addition to resulting in heavy fines and a potential jail sentence, it can have serious ramifications in family law cases.

Domestic Violence and Michigan Family Law Cases

Whether you are a victim of domestic abuse or have been accused of committing this type of crime, it is important to realize the potential impact it can have on your rights in family court matter. In divorce and related proceedings, this includes:

  • Decisions regarding property and assets, such as requiring the accused to stay away from the marital home;
  • Decisions concerning spousal support or alimony, such as requiring payments for mortgage payments, bills, and other types of maintenance;
  • Decisions regarding child custody, such as requiring supervised visitation.

Offenders may also be ordered to attend counseling and to undergo mandatory drug and alcohol testing during this time, and any violation could result in immediate arrest.

Our Michigan Domestic Violence Attorneys are Here to Help

When allegations of domestic violence are an issue in your family law case, Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. is here to help. Call or contact our Macomb County domestic attorneys online and request a free, confidential consultation to discuss your situation and how we can protect you today.    

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