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Royal Oak High Asset Divorce

Royal Oak High Asset Divorce

Michigan divorce law applies across the board to couples from varying financial backgrounds, but high asset dissolution of marriage cases tend to involve more contentious disputes than others. The statute encourages couples to an agreement on asset division, spousal support, and care for minor children. However, compromise is a challenge when the financial stakes are high, which means spouses must go to court to fight.

Our divorce attorneys at Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. possess the skills and knowledge necessary to protect your interests in a high asset divorce in Michigan. With five decades of combined legal experience, we’ve amassed the experience necessary to represent the unique needs of couples with high net worth. We’re dedicated to assisting with equitable property distribution, alimony, and issues related to minor children. Our lawyers have been very successful in helping spouses reach an agreement on these issues, but we’ll also fight for your rights in court.

Experienced Representation for Challenging Divorce Issues

Couples in a high asset divorce have ownership in a wide range of real estate and personal property, but it’s not just the value of the items that make the process more complicated. The structuring of assets and specifics of ownership are multifaceted, especially when a business is involved. Property division is an extremely detailed process, and mistakes have grave consequences. It’s critical to retain a skilled divorce attorney to navigate the Michigan dissolution of marriage, so our legal team at Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. is here to help with:

  • Settlement Discussions: Even where you think an agreement on divorce matters would be impossible, the potential for reaching compromise increases when you have an attorney representing your interests. A lawyer can explain the details of the lawn and counsel you on your options.
  • Litigation on Asset Division: If you and your spouse unable to agree on distributing your marital property, it’s up to the court to determine asset division. These proceedings are like a trial, so it’s critical to have an attorney that knows all relevant law and procedural rules.
  • Spouse Hiding Assets: Considering the value of in high asset divorce, some spouses make the mistake of concealing property so as to keep it out of the court’s consideration. There are multiple tools for discovering and recovering items, ensuring that asset division is equitable as required by Michigan law.

Consult with a Michigan Attorney on High Asset Divorce

If you’re involved in a high asset divorce in Michigan, you need a knowledgeable attorney that has specific experience representing this type of case. At Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., our core focus is divorce and family law matters, so you know you’re in good hands both at the negotiations table and in court. Please contact our office today at (586) 263-1600 to hear more about our legal services in high asset divorce cases, as personalized for your needs. You can also send us an E-mail with questions or to schedule a consultation.

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