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Common Myths About Children During Divorce

Child Custody
Common Myths About Children During Divorce

22 / September 2020

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Common Myths About Children During Divorce

Divorce is difficult for any children who are part of the process. That is certainly not a myth. However, there are many myths that surround children of divorce that are simply not true and that parents should never believe, as they can be hurtful for both parents and the kids. The four biggest myths about children during divorce, and the truth behind them are listed below.

MYTH: Divorce is Easier for Young Children

Divorce is never easy for a child, but this myth states that the younger a child is when going through it, the easier it will be for them. This is simply untrue. Even if a child was an infant or toddler when the divorce occurred, they will still have to grow up seeing each parent much less. In some cases, a child may not see one of their parents at all after the divorce. Additionally, the fighting and tension that often comes with a divorce is difficult for any child of any age. It is important that any parent going through a divorce tries to make it as amiable as possible to lower the stress placed on the children, regardless of how old they are.

MYTH: Parents Should Agree on Rules After the Divorce

When parents live separately, children often have different rules for different households. Many people think this is harmful to the child because it creates inconsistency. Truthfully though, parents often have different rules for their children even when they are married. Continuing this after divorce can actually help children become more adaptable and learn how to be flexible in many different situations.

MYTH: Parents Should Not Talk About the Divorce Around Their Kids

Parents naturally want to make the divorce process easier for their children and to some, that means they should not talk about it with them. This is not always the best course of action. Although you should not blame your spouse or talk about any wrongdoing, you should try to ease your children’s tension by talking to them about the divorce, directly. They will likely have many questions about child custody, where they will live, and how often they will see each of you. Do not sugarcoat your answers. Try to tell them as honestly as you can and if you do not know, do not be afraid to tell them that.

MYTH: Children Only Suffer Emotionally

There is no doubt that children feel many emotions when their parents get divorced and not all of them will be positive. However, children can suffer physically, too. The divorce of their parents may cause children to lose weight, develop insomnia, and their immune system may become compromised. Any time parents notice these physical signs, they should call the child’s pediatrician immediately.

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