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Country Star’s Divorce Settlement Made Easy by Prenup

Prenuptial Agreements
Country Star’s Divorce Settlement Made Easy by Prenup

12 / October 2015

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Country Star’s Divorce Settlement Made Easy by Prenup

No one plans on getting a divorce when they enter into marriage. Couples marry with hopes and dreams of being together forever. However, with about half of all marriages now ending in divorce, it is clear that, even when couples have the best intentions, marriage is difficult and does not always work. When a couple does decide to end their marriage they often have to make hard choices during settlement negotiations. One way to limit having to make such hard choices during an extremely emotional time is to address them when things are not so emotional by drafting a Pre-nuptial Agreement.

When a couple goes through a high asset divorce, whether they are famous or not, the divorce process can be very complicated. Country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reportedly are moving through the settlement process very quickly as they chose to sign a Pre-nup. According to reports, the agreement has already allowed the couple to reach a property division settlement.

Mr. Shelton will reportedly keep the couple’s ranch in Oklahoma while Ms. Lambert will retain their home in Nashville. The couple has even reportedly agreed upon how they will the split up their substantial amount of animals. Reports indicate that the couple will equally divide their horses and Ms. Lambert will keep two of their three dogs, with the third going to Mr. Shelton. The Lambert-Shelton’s are a perfect example of how a Pre-nup can make a meaningful difference for a couple deciding to divorce, especially when there are high assets involved.

While most couples do not consider themselves rich or famous, a Pre-nuptial Agreement can still be just as helpful when a couple decides to end their marriage. It can be very difficult for most couples to even consider a prenuptial agreement, but in the long run this arrangement can make a huge difference in the ease of the divorce process. If you are considering marriage and you want to learn more about how a Pre-nuptial Agreement can help you, then please contact the Law Office of Iafrate & Salassa. Likewise, if you are considering divorce, our experienced Macomb County divorce attorneys can assist you as well. Please click here or call us at (586) 263-1600.

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