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Why You Need a Divorce Attorney, Even in Uncontested Cases

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney, Even in Uncontested Cases

22 / May 2018

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Why You Need a Divorce Attorney, Even in Uncontested Cases

The break up of a marriage is never easy, but some couples come to an agreement on getting a divorce easier than others. Rather than fighting and disagreeing over the reasons for the breakup or the circumstances surrounding their separation, they are able to negotiate on matters such as property division and the care of children, allowing their divorce to become finalized in the quickest manner possible. While taking this approach can save both time and money, it is still important to have an experienced Michigan divorce attorney guiding you throughout the process.

Important Issues in Your Divorce Case

Under the Michigan Compiled Laws governing divorce, important issues pertaining to the division of marital property and assets, child time sharing arrangements, and child or spousal support will need to be resolved before your divorce can become final. In a contested divorce case, the couple in question is generally unable to agree on the terms of their breakup or of their divorce settlement. This can drag these proceedings out for months or even years.

In contrast, an uncontested case involves one in which the parties generally agree to the divorce and the various issues surrounding it. In simplified cases, they may be able to file for a divorce through the Macomb County Circuit Court and have it granted in as little as several months. While most of the forms you will need can be found online, it is still advisable to have an experienced Michigan divorce attorneys overseeing your case. In addition to making sure your divorce related paperwork is filed properly and in accordance with state laws, it can also help ensure you get what you are entitled to in your settlement and that no important issues are overlooked. Problems that can arise in these types of cases include:

  • Provisions in child time sharing arrangements for holidays, school breaks, and other special occasions;
  • Factoring health care, education costs, and recreational expenses in child support costs;
  • Considering the tax implications of alimony or the sale of homes and other marital property;
  • Accounting for all marital property, including pension benefits and jointly owned financial or business assets, and making sure it is distributed fairly;
  • Dealing with marital debts before the divorce is finalized.

We Can Help You Today

Going through even an uncontested divorce can be a complex process.  Contact Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. and request a consultation with our Michigan divorce attorneys to ensure it is done correctly and that your rights are protected.

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