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Dissolution of a Long Term Marriage

Dissolution of a Long Term Marriage

Clinton Township Dissolution of a Long Term Marriage Lawyers

Michigan divorce law applies to the dissolution of all marriages, whether you’ve been married just a few months or several years. However, resolving issues like asset division, spousal support, and child support and custody are much more challenging for couples that have been together for a long time. Divorce proceedings can be extremely contentious when dealing with the cherished real and personal property that you have your spouse have accumulated over many years of marriage. The emotional and financial stakes are high.

Our attorneys at Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. have the comprehensive legal knowledge to protect your rights and the compassion to understand your needs during this difficult time. Whether working to reach an agreement on disputed issues or representing your interests in court, we’ve represented many clients in the dissolution of long-term marriage cases. We’re here to assist you with dividing marital property, securing a fair arrangement for alimony, and in determining the best interests of minor children.

Serving Your Needs in a Complicated Divorce Case

When dissolving a long-term marriage, many spouses experience uncertainty and doubt about their futures. The complicated Michigan divorce law and procedural rules create further anxiety, making the process overwhelming. By retaining a skilled attorney that will always have your best interests in mind, you can eliminate the stress involved with restructuring your life. The lawyers at Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. can assist with the most critical aspects of the divorce proceeding, including:

  • Asset Division: Michigan law requires an equitable distribution of property acquired during the marriage, but it’s not always easy to determine what assets are marital versus non-marital. Plus, for couples ending a long-term marriage, some items may have sentimental value.
  • Spousal Support: Alimony is a highly contentious matter when one spouse contributed financially to the household and the other gave up career opportunities for family responsibilities. In a marriage that lasted many years, the value of these contributions can create resentment that inhibits agreement on spousal support.
  • Child Support, Custody, and Parenting Time: When divorcing couples have minor children, there are issues related to financial support, custody, and visitation – termed “parenting time” under Michigan law. The best interests of the child are the top priority when judges make decisions in these areas.

Our attorneys will represent your interests and help you make informed choices regarding all aspects of divorce after a long-term marriage. We encourage you to agree with your spouse where possible, but we’ll take the dispute to court if you cannot reach a compromise.

Consult with a Michigan Lawyer for Dissolution of a Long Term Marriage

The lawyers at Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. have the skills and experience to protect your interests in dissolving a long-term marriage. We’ve been representing clients in the greater Metro Detroit area for more than five decades, and we’ll fight for your rights in disputes regarding alimony, asset division, and issues related to minor children. If you have questions or would like to discuss your situation in more detail, please contact our Clinton Township office today.

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