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Child Support

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Child Support

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Michigan uses a specific formula to determine the appropriate level of child support. There are a number of factors that are considered in calculating child support, including the income level of each parent, the number of children and how many overnights each parent spends with the children. It is important that the information that is utilized under the formula is correct in order to ensure a fair and accurate child support amount.

Whether you are the parent seeking child support or you are the parent who will likely be required to pay, having an experienced Clinton Township family law attorney can help to ensure that you receive a fair result. At the law firm of Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., we represent clients on all sides of Michigan child support matters.

Parental Income Accounting

One of the most important components of securing a fair child support amount is having an accurate accounting of each parent’s income. We do everything in our power to ensure that all income has been disclosed. If there is reason to believe that one of the spouses has attempted to hide a portion of his or her income, we will conduct a thorough investigation in an effort to locate it.

We also help clients with the modification and enforcement of orders. If there has been a significant change in circumstances for either parent, it may be possible to have the order modified to better reflect their current financial situation. Additionally, if a party who has been ordered to pay child support fails to do so, we can petition the court to demand compliance with the order.

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