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Do I Need an Attorney for Adoption?

Do I Need an Attorney for Adoption?

10 / March 2015

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Do I Need an Attorney for Adoption?

Many people in Macomb County, couples and singles alike, long to have children. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to start a family is able to do so. There are many reasons why starting a family can prove to be difficult, but, regardless of why, struggling to do so without success can be a very trying experience. As such, adoption is a great alternative for those would-be parents who wish to start a family.

However, the adoption process can also be long, painful, and full of its own unique struggles and there are many aspects to adoption of which people are unaware. That is why seeking the aid of an attorney is a good idea for anyone wishing to adopt, as having an experienced adoption lawyer by your side can make the journey much easier and efficient.

All adoptions require approval by a Court before they can become finalized. That means the potential adoptive parents must file a petition with the court and actively participate in the adoption process. Having a lawyer to help with the preparation and filing of the necessary paperwork is invaluable, as many people find the proceedings to be overwhelming.

Adoption lawyers can also assist you in trying to gain legal guardianship of a child to whom you have no biological ties. Additionally, adoption attorneys can help you find an adoption agency and walk you through the applicable state and county laws relevant to your situation.

At Iafrate & Salassa we have many years of experience helping our clients throughout Macomb County who want to start, or add to, their family via adoption. If you have questions or concerns regarding adoption or you are ready to start the adoption process, please contact us for a consultation at your earliest convenience. Click here to learn more, contact us online, or call us at (586) 263-1600.

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