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Rare Case Ends With Only One Twin Receiving Child Support

By Jeffrey M. Salassa

twin sisters as viewed by a Clinton Township child support lawyer

When most people hear the words child support, thoughts of two parents arguing over money come to mind. Similarly, when one hears the word paternity, they often think about genetic testing to prove who a child’s father is. While these are both common scenarios in Domestic Court cases, every case is unique and comes with its own special set of circumstances.

Recently, a Court in New Jersey found itself faced with an extremely unique case that had unfathomable circumstances. The Court ruled that a father of twin girls would only have to pay child support for one of the twins as only one of the girls was actually his child. According to reports, the ruling came after the woman sought child support which resulted in the man having to submit to a DNA test. Shockingly, the results of the test showed that he only fathered one of the two girls. This extremely unusual situation occurred because the woman in question was apparently intimate with two different men during the same menstrual cycle and apparently released two eggs during said cycle each of which was fertilized by a different man. Twins of this nature are known as “heteropaternal” or “bipaternal” twins.

At this juncture, it is unclear as to if the woman knows who the father of the other twin might be and/or if she plans on seeking child support from that man as well.

This rare case highlights how each paternity and child support action is different. That is why at Iafrate & Salassa we take the time to examine every case on its own merits. We look at all of the relevant factors when determining the best legal strategy for each client. We also know that paternity and child support matters are sensitive in nature. That is why we take each situation seriously and work to achieve the best possible resolution. If you are dealing with a paternity and/or child support issue in the Macomb area, please click here to contact us online or call us at (586) 263-1600.

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