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Were You Served Divorce Papers? Here is What to do Next

Were You Served Divorce Papers? Here is What to do Next

21 / January 2020

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Were You Served Divorce Papers? Here is What to do Next

Being served divorce papers is enough to make anyone feel angry, hurt, and confused. A lot of that confusion comes from the shock of hearing your spouse wants to divorce. After working through those feelings, it is not uncommon to wonder what to do next. If your spouse has served you with papers, below are the next steps you should take to protect yourself throughout the divorce proceedings

Speak to a Divorce Attorney

Too many people believe they do not need an attorney when going through a divorce. This is simply not true. Even if your divorce begins amicably, it can turn bitter very quickly. When that happens, you will need a Sterling Heights divorce attorney and it is best if they have already been working on your case from the beginning. An attorney will also help you get the most favorable terms possible, which is important because those terms will affect you for years to come.

Understand the Paperwork

Divorce papers will include a lot of information within them, including the date by which you must respond. Understanding what this date is, and everything else within the documents is crucial. This is also an area where a divorce lawyer will help. Attorneys are extremely familiar with the most important information for you to know, and can fully explain everything contained within the documents. 

Think About the Children

If your divorce is going to involve children, it is important that you are always respectful towards your spouse while in their presence. Do not put your spouse down, make your children feel as though your spouse is breaking the family apart, or make it seem as though you want your children to choose sides. All of these behaviors are extremely unhealthy and will negatively affect your children and your future relationship with them. Additionally, being disrespectful of your spouse in front of your children is often seen as alienation by the court and can hurt your child custody case. 

Analyze Your Finances

Divorce will take a toll on your emotions, but it can also place a significant drain on your finances. Soon after being served with papers close any joint accounts you have with your spouse, or at least get your name removed from them. Also, be more aware of your spending and try to limit it, if possible. Divorce will hold a lot of uncertainty for your future and you want to ensure you are prepared for whatever the future holds. 

Were You Served Papers? Call Our Michigan Divorce Lawyers Today

You will feel many things after being served divorce papers, and you likely do not know what to do next. If you have been served, call our Sterling Heights divorce lawyers today. We will advise on what to do next and help you through the entire divorce process. We know how to negotiate effectively with the other side and will help you get the most favorable settlement possible. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys and to learn more about how we can help.

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