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Signs Your Divorce Could Get Ugly

Signs Your Divorce Could Get Ugly

08 / May 2018

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Signs Your Divorce Could Get Ugly

In some Michigan divorce cases, couples are able to overcome personal differences to reach agreements that allow their case to be effectively resolved in the most timely and cost effective manner possible. In others, resentments and the desire to be vindictive can escalate an already tense and difficult situation. The following are some signs that there could be trouble brewing ahead in your divorce case.

Resolving Divorce-Related Issues

In any divorce case, there are important issues that must be resolved before your divorce can become final. Under the Michigan divorce laws, these issues include:

  • Division of marital property and assets;
  • Parenting plans and child time sharing arrangements;
  • Child support;
  • Spousal support, or alimony.

While the courts encourage couples to reach their own agreements on the above matters through negotiations with their divorce attorneys and through mediation, sometimes this is not possible. It may be as the result of a power struggle between the parties or due to a spouse engaging in behaviors such as hiding or wasting assets. In these types of cases, the judge may have to issue an order based on evidence your attorney gathers in your case.

Warning Signs of Trouble Ahead

In addition to complex issues over the rights to money and property or the custody of children, there are sometimes other, more subtle signs that your divorce may not be easily resolved. These include:

  • When one partner feels betrayed and wants revenge against the other, such as in cases involving adultery;
  • When one partner is in favor of the divorce, while the other wants to continue trying to make the marriage work;
  • When one of the spouses has a history of being controlling or dominating in the relationship;
  • When one of the spouses vindictively refuses to participate in divorce related negotiations.

In any of these scenarios, the situation can quickly escalate. Unfortunately, domestic abuse can become a factor during divorce proceedings. The National Domestic Violence Hotline advises that name calling, making threats, withholding money, and using intimidation tactics are all signs to be alert for. You should report this type of behavior to your attorney at once and notify law enforcement if you think you are in danger.

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In any divorce case, emotions can run high. In addition to creating delays in getting your divorce finalized, certain attitudes and behaviors could end up putting your safety and well being in jeopardy. Reach out and contact Iafrate & Salassa, P.C. to get the strong legal representation you need to protect your rights and interests. Request a free consultation with our Michigan divorce attorneys today.

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