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The Top Divorce Myths in Michigan

When going through a divorce, it is natural for family and friends to pass on bits of advice while trying to inform you of the process and what to expect. Although this information is passed on by well-meaning folks, much of it is wrong. This practice has led to the creation of some popular myths surrounding divorce. To their own…

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Are There Any Alternatives for Divorce in Michigan?

When a couple determines that it is time to end their marriage, they have two options. They can divide their assets while leaving the marriage intact with an action for separation, or they can end their marriage in divorce. In the state of Michigan, a couple can file for divorce, but there is no such thing as a legal separation.…

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What is Your Divorce Lawyer’s Role in the Process?

  When you are working through a divorce, you typically work with a lawyer. Your lawyer is your advocate in a variety of ways. His or her job is to protect your rights, promote your interests, and help you reach a favorable outcome with your divorce. What does this really mean? What does a divorce lawyers really do for his…

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