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  • What Can I Do if my Spouse Makes False Accusations About Me?
    If you face false accusations from your spouse as you work through your divorce, you need to take action to prove to the court that the allegations are not true. If you have not yet determined whether you will divorce through litigation or a form of alternative dispute ...
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  • Learning More About Military Divorce in Michigan
    For military families in Michigan, it can be particularly difficult to think about divorce and its various implications. How will divorce impact finances? What does divorce look like when one member of the family is deployed? These are just a couple of the questions that military families often ...
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  • Pets and Divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan
    Are you planning to file for divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan? Do you and your spouse have a beloved pet? As you might imagine, determining who will obtain custody of the pet could end up being a complicated issue—not to mention a serious point of contention—during your divorce ...
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  • Divorce Rate in America Reaches Lowest Rate in Years
    While many Michigan residents continue to consider divorce, a recent article in Bloomberg reported that the U.S. divorce rate has reached “its lowest level in more than 35 years,” and is on a three-year decline. This information comes from data released by the National Center for Family & ...
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