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What Not to Do When Getting a Divorce in Michigan

Divorce ranks high in terms of stressful life events. It is impossible to know how you will react until you actually go through it, which is one of the many reasons why you need an experienced Michigan divorce attorney on your side. Decisions made during this time have the potential to impact your well being and financial security for years…

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Details Matter When Making a Michigan Parenting Plan

For couples who are unmarried or getting a divorce, parenting time is often a contentious issue.  Previously, the court would issue an order appointing one parent as the primary guardian, while the other would get visitation on weeknights and every other weekend. Today, the Michigan courts urge parents to develop a time sharing schedule that allows both to play an…

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Why You Need a Divorce Attorney, Even in Uncontested Cases

The break up of a marriage is never easy, but some couples come to an agreement on getting a divorce easier than others. Rather than fighting and disagreeing over the reasons for the breakup or the circumstances surrounding their separation, they are able to negotiate on matters such as property division and the care of children, allowing their divorce to…

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Document Checklist for Getting a Divorce

Regardless of how long you were married or the amount of your estate and assets, there are legal issues which must be resolved in your divorce case. Having the appropriate supporting documents in place can help you feel more in control of the situation, while ensuring you get the settlement or judgment from the court that you are entitled to.…

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Child Custody Modifications

Child custody issues are frequently at the center of legal battles in divorce proceedings. For  courts, the top priority is the best interests of the child, and judges generally aim for time sharing plans which allow both parents to remain active in their child’s life. There are situations where custody orders have failed to take into consideration all of the…

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Parental Alienation

The term parental alienation is used to describe the systematic attempts of a parent to destroy the parent-child relationship between the other parent and the couple’s children. Sadly, parental alienation is often utilized as a tactic in custody proceedings, which can have devastating consequences for the emotional health of the children involved. If you are going through a divorce and…

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