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  • Can Divorce Be Good for the Kids?

    By Iafrate & Salassa

    Can Divorce Be Good for the Kids?
    Most parents who go through a divorce think that it is going to be hardest on the children. While it is true that divorce is difficult for children, there are ways in which the process can actually make them stronger, better people. If you are going through a ...
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  • Tips for Making Joint Custody Work

    By Iafrate & Salassa

    Tips for Making Joint Custody Work
    Joint custody is often the best case scenario for children involved in a divorce because it allows them to continue spending time with both parents fairly equally. While it is good for children, it is often difficult for parents who are trying to move through the process together. ...
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  • How is Parenting Time Determined in Michigan?
    In Michigan, like in other states, a child's best interest is used to determine an appropriate parenting time schedule for him or her. A parenting time schedule is the court-determined time that the child spends with his or her parents, who may have joint or sole physical and ...
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  • How Courts Decide Parenting Time

    By Iafrate & Salassa

    How Courts Decide Parenting Time
    There are few issues in divorce that can create more animosity than decisions around child custody and parenting time. The emotional charge around this topic certainly makes sense when one considers what is at stake, and both parties often have strong opinions about which one is better equipped ...
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