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Three-Year Custody Battle Might Soon Be Over for American Actress

Child Custody
Three-Year Custody Battle Might Soon Be Over for American Actress

21 / July 2015

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Three-Year Custody Battle Might Soon Be Over for American Actress

When parents split up they must go through the difficult process of determining custody and parenting time relative to their children. When both parents work together to reach a custody and parenting time plan, this process is simplified to a large degree. However, more often than not, parents do not share the same vision as to what is best for their children creating a tense and hostile environment for themselves and the children.

Custody battles can affect anyone separating from their significant other and celebrities are no exception. American actress Kelly Rutherford’s long child custody battle might finally be nearing an end. The former star of the television series, “Gossip Girl” has been engaged in a custody dispute with her ex-husband concerning their two children since 2010 after she claimed he was unfaithful. Ms. Rutherford has been forced to travel back and forth to Europe to visit her two (2) children, who are now eight (8) and five (5) years-old respectively, after a Los Angeles Superior court judge ordered that the children should live with their father in France. This is further complicated by the fact that her ex-husband is not allowed on American soil.

However, a new Judge has been appointed to the case and recently overturned that decision and ruled that both of the children should be immediately returned to their mother in the United States. The new judge also granted Ms. Rutherford temporary physical and legal custody. Now the actress will wait to see if the court in Monaco will honor the ruling in L.A. and send the children back to the States.

Child custody battles in and of themselves are extremely trying, but when they involve parents living in separate countries and multiple rulings from international courts the complexity can become overwhelming. That is why anyone involved in a child custody dispute should seek the assistance of an experienced child custody lawyer. It is important that you stand up for your parental rights and contact us at the law offices of Iafrate & Salassa for help with your child custody issue. We will fight for you. Call us at (586) 263-1600 or click here.

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