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Tips for a Quick Divorce in Birmingham

By Iafrate & Salassa

couple sitting at table with wedding rings representing how our Birmingham divorce lawyers can help you with every step of the divorce process

No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Unfortunately, it happens often in Birmingham. In fact, Michigan’s divorce rate is equivalent to the national divorce rate, at about 50%. When a divorce becomes a couple’s only option though, they typically want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Couples often envision lengthy legal battles and contentious courtroom scenes. This does not have to happen in every divorce case, though. There are ways you can get your divorce finalized more quickly. A divorce lawyer near Birmingham, Michigan, can help you do it.

Know What You Want

Many people enter into divorce not knowing what they want to get out of it. This can make the proceedings much more difficult. Creating a clear plan and knowing what your goals in the divorce are, or what your ideal outcome is, will help make the divorce proceed much more quickly. 

Communicate With Your Spouse

Too many times, the spouses in a divorce refuse to communicate with each other. This drags out the proceedings and makes things much more difficult. In a few divorce cases, such as when domestic violence is an issue, spouses are encouraged not to speak to each other. In most divorce cases though, communicating with your spouse in a respectful and honest fashion will expedite divorce proceedings and let you get on with your life. 

Know What to Expect

Many people go into divorce thinking it is only going to affect the two people involved. Truthfully though, divorce affects the entire family. This is particularly true when there are children involved. Understand how the divorce proceedings will affect not only you, but also them. Talk to them about it beforehand and throughout the proceedings, and try to talk about it with your spouse, too. When children are involved, there is even more reason to strive for a cordial relationship with your spouse. 

Do Not Expect to Win

This does not mean you should not fight for the most favorable terms in your divorce. It just means you should not enter a divorce with a focus on winning the case. You and your spouse will be able to reach an agreement much more quickly if you are willing to compromise, look at the big picture and come to an agreement that is agreeable for everyone. When you can do this, your divorce will be finalized more quickly. 

Get the Right Birmingham Divorce Lawyer

When you work with an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer, it can also help ensure your divorce is as efficient and painless as possible. An attorney familiar with Birmingham’s family law system can suggest alternatives to litigation such as mediation.

If you are considering divorce, do not try and go it alone. At Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., we are dedicated to helping our clients finalize their divorce quickly and efficiently, while protecting their rights. We fight to get our clients the terms that are most important to them and ensure their rights are upheld throughout the entire process. Call us today or contact us online for your free consultation so we can begin reviewing your case. 

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