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TV Star Arrested in Michigan for Failing to Pay Child Support

Child Support
TV Star Arrested in Michigan for Failing to Pay Child Support

12 / May 2015

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TV Star Arrested in Michigan for Failing to Pay Child Support

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest issues people with children encounter when going through a divorce is determining the amount of child support the non-custodial parent will pay to the parent who has physical custody of the children. Even though, in most situations, both parents want only what is best for their children, sometimes they allow their anger and bitterness towards each other to prevent them from making good rational decisions. In some instances this can even prompt a parent to stop paying child support, even though in doing so they are hurting their children and breaking the law.

It is one thing if a parent simply does not have the funds to pay the ordered child support amount, but something altogether different and deplorable if a parent voluntarily chooses not pay child support. By failing to pay the Court Ordered support, the non-paying party has put themselves in contempt of court, an action for which they could be finically sanctioned and/or placed in jail.

According to reports, actor Darius McCrary, who starred in the TV sitcom Family Matters as Eddie Winslow, was recently arrested after he failed to make child support payments. In 2014, after originally agreeing to a joint custodial arrangement with his ex, the actor was awarded full custody of his son. However, it appears that the custody arrangement was once again altered as Mr. McCrary is now responsible for child support.

As such, McCrary recently appeared in front of a Michigan Judge, the “home state” of the child’s mother, and was given the option of either paying $5,500 in overdue child support, or to spend two weeks in jail. According to court documents, the actor chose to pay the amount he owed and he was released by authorities shortly thereafter.

McCrary’s child support situation is not uncommon and support obligations are a “hot topic” for many divorcing or separated couples regardless of the particulars. That is why if you are having any issues with child support in Macomb County, it is imperative that you contact the experienced family law attorneys at Iafrate & Salassa. Whether you are having difficulty receiving the support which you are owed, or if you are currently facing a support obligation which you are unable to fulfill, we can help you. Whatever your situation, please take action and contact us in Macomb County today at (586) 263-1600 or click here to contact us online.

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