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Ways to Build a Stronger Professional Relationship With Your Divorce Attorney

Ways to Build a Stronger Professional Relationship With Your Divorce Attorney

23 / December 2014

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Ways to Build a Stronger Professional Relationship With Your Divorce Attorney

No one, especially young newlyweds — whose lifetime divorce risk is approximately 40% — wants to consider the possibility of divorce. While divorce was once a sensitive subject, it has become increasingly commonplace in the United States, so much so that the shock factor has all but disappeared. Divorce, it seems, is reflective of the rapidly changing dynamics of blended American families known as the “new normal,” and the numbers speak for themselves.

According to the American Psychological Association, 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, and that rate increases for subsequent marriages. It’s estimated that 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Divorcees, and those contemplating divorce, no longer face the negative stigma associated with the end of a marriage, as society now largely considers divorce a healthier alternative to staying in a failing marriage.

As such, if you are facing divorce, it’s important to rely on the support of family, friends, and especially your divorce lawyers during this time. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the chaos that follows the initial filing of a Complaint for Divorce, it is important to remain focused and develop a solid working relationship with your family law attorney, who will serve as your legal advocate. However, this requires some work on your part. It is imperative that you try to develop a strong, working relationship with your attorney as to do so can greatly expedite the divorce process, allowing you to move forward with your life in a timely manner.

Come prepared

Divorce attorneys need documentation in order to gain insight and an understanding of your case. This is especially important for child support attorneys and child custody attorneys. Prior to your initial consultation or interview, it’s important to gather any pertinent documents related to your marriage, such as tax returns, bank statements, prenuptial agreements, and any other relevant legal documents. Additionally, be sure to bring a list of questions or concerns that you may have to discuss with your divorce attorney. It is important to take the time to gather and organize these documents prior to meeting with your attorney. The more information you have relative to your financial estate, the better.

Be prepared to pay

While this may seem obvious, finances during a divorce can become tight, if not confusing. As in everyday life, if you fail to pay your electric bill, your services will eventually be discontinued. This same basic principle is also applicable to divorce attorneys. Create a long-term plan with realistic expectations. This is where being prepared really comes into play. Promptly provide your lawyer with everything he or she needs to work on your case so as to try to reduce costs in the future.

Consider seeing a therapist or divorce coach

Divorces are often emotionally charged, causing people to become frustrated, angry, and at times, irrational. During divorce proceedings, you will develop a close professional relationship with your attorney. However, divorce attorneys are not therapists. While divorce attorneys are available to provide legal support and counsel, it is best to seek the guidance of a licensed therapist to help you navigate and process your emotions. Working with a therapist may also help to provide you with clarity and focus, which in turn may help you deal with the ongoing divorce proceedings. Rely on your attorney for legal related matters and work with a therapist to deal with emotional side of divorce. Going through a divorce can be difficult, but there are a number of resources available to help you get through this stressful and emotionally draining process. The family law attorneys at Iafrate & Salassa are there to help you start on a path towards a new life as, divorce is not the end, it is merely the beginning of a happier, healthier you.

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