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Why Is Working With an Attorney in a Domestic Violence Case Necessary?

Domestic Violence
Why Is Working With an Attorney in a Domestic Violence Case Necessary?

28 / April 2015

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Why Is Working With an Attorney in a Domestic Violence Case Necessary?

One of the worst situations anyone can find themselves in is an abusive relationship. Whether it is spousal abuse or parental abuse, the victim of domestic violence suffers both physically and emotionally.

Conversely, another awful situation to be in is that of a person wrongfully accused of domestic violence, as the stigma of even being accused of abuse/violence can damage a person’s reputation.

That is why if you have been the victim of domestic abuse in Macomb County, or if you have been wrongfully accused of such a crime, you should immediately seek police intervention and the assistance of counsel.

There are many types of domestic violence and they do not always include a spouse or children. In fact, domestic violence can be something aside from physical contact altogether. Many people are the victims of abuse simply by living in fear of their abuser and the constant threat of being abused.

However, in most cases, domestic violence or abuse consists of some form of physical mistreatment, including sexual assault, physical abuse, forced isolation or battery. Abuse that is less physical includes controlling behavior, emotional abuse, possessiveness and intimidation.

In many cases it can be difficult to prove that domestic violence has occurred, which is why it is so important to seek the guidance of an attorney who can advise you properly.

At Iafrate & Salassa, we assist people on both sides of this issue, as no one deserves to be the victim of domestic violence or wrongfully accused of domestic violence. If you are the victim of domestic violence, our first concern is to help you get out of the abusive situation and into a safe place. We can then work to take legal action so that the alleged abuser cannot have access to the victim. We also work diligently to defend those who have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence. If you are facing an accusation or charge of domestic abuse you too need experienced legal counsel to help to fight for your rights.

If you are dealing with any issue involving domestic violence, please call us today in Macomb County at (586) 263-1600, or click here.

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