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Child Support

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What Can You Do If Your Ex Will Not Pay Child Support?

In divorces that involve children, one parent almost always has to pay child support to the other parent. Typically, it is the non-custodial parent who pays this support to help with the expenses for the child’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing. Support can also include expenses for health care and insurance premiums.  Child support is always one…

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Three Factors that Complicate Divorce in Royal Oak

Any divorce can become complicated, particularly when they are hotly contested. There are some common factors in many Royal Oak divorces, though, that will complicate a divorce even when the divorcing spouses are not engaged in a bitter battle. These factors are when children are involved, when a business must be divided, and when one spouse is hiding assets. Although…

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What is a Friend of the Court in St. Clair Shores?

When a divorce involves children, the parents typically know issues such as child custody and child support are going to be a part of the proceedings. However, they often do not know what those proceedings entail, which makes it more difficult once they begin. One factor involved in these proceedings is the Friend of the Court (FOC). The FOC plays…

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Michigan Parents Arrested for Back Child Support

Dozens of parents owing more than one million dollars in child support were arrested in Michigan earlier this year. Those arrested were allegedly able to pay support, but chose not to, resulting in the arrests. Although the arrests are no guarantee that child support will be paid to those owed, it sends a strong message about the importance of keeping…

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Calculating Child Support in Michigan

In January, the Michigan Legislature enacted a series of new changes to the state’s child support laws. The amendments will have a significant impact on how child support is calculated, so if you are considering a divorce and have questions or concerns about paying child support, it is critical to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can explain…

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What Does Child Support Cover?

When a child's parents divorce, a child support order is typically part of their divorce settlement. This is to ensure that the child continues to have his or her living expenses covered after the divorce, rather than forcing an undue hardship on him or her. Child support is used to cover all of the expenses of raising a child, not…

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