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Michigan Parents Arrested for Back Child Support

Dozens of parents owing more than one million dollars in child support were arrested in Michigan earlier this year. Those arrested were allegedly able to pay support, but chose not to, resulting in the arrests. Although the arrests are no guarantee that child support will be paid to those owed, it sends a strong message about the importance of keeping…

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Michigan Woman Found in Tennessee with Kidnapped Child

Police officers in Knoxville, Tennessee recently found a 7-year-old child that had been kidnapped from Michigan. The department says they received a tip that the boy might be in the Central Avenue Pike area and stopped a vehicle in that area. The boy was then recovered from the vehicle, and the suspect, Connie Franzel, was arrested. Franzel is the child’s…

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Additional Arrests Made Stemming from a Multi-State Drug Raid

Additional arrests were made stemming from a drug raid that started earlier in the week. Parkersburg Police officials say that ongoing arrests are part of a crackdown on drugs and federal agencies are helping. Over 30 arrests were made during the drug busts that involved local, state, and federal agencies. The multi-state investigation was centered in Wood County and resulted…

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Penalties for Non-Payment of Child Support that Could Lead to Jail Time

It is generally known that state governments take the non-payment of child support seriously and typically are diligent about pursuing parents who fall behind. State governments place a heavy emphasis on this issue, because, often, the custodial parents who are not receiving child support must resort to public assistance benefits in order to provide for their families. This reality spurs…

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