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  • How is Child Custody Determined?

    By Iafrate & Salassa

    How is Child Custody Determined?
    Courts in Michigan determine child custody by focusing on the best interests of the child, and a variety of factors outlined under Michigan law. It is important for parents to know that the court can look at many different factors when deciding whether a parent should have sole ...
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  • How Can I Get Ready to File for Divorce?
    It is difficult to imagine being fully prepared to end your marriage from an emotional standpoint, but you know that taking certain steps will help get ready to file for divorce in Michigan. According to the American Institute of Stress, divorce ranks second in terms of the most ...
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  • My Grandmother Wants a Divorce but is Scared of Her Husband: Can I Help?
    When you think about how age affects divorce rates in Michigan, you probably assume that more younger people end their marriages compared to older couples. This assumption may have been true at one time, but data from the Pew Research Center reveals that rates are on the rise ...
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  • What are the First Signs of Divorce?
    All marriages go through difficult patches, but that does not mean that all marriages are headed for divorce. It is essential that when people think they want to get a divorce, that they are very certain about that decision. It is a big one that will impact you ...
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