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  • How is Parenting Time Determined in Michigan?
    In Michigan, like in other states, a child's best interest is used to determine an appropriate parenting time schedule for him or her. A parenting time schedule is the court-determined time that the child spends with his or her parents, who may have joint or sole physical and ...
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  • Are There Limits on Where a Parent Can Move?
    It is widely known that children develop better when they are kept on fixed schedule and the experience little chaos or uncertainty in their household and school environments. This need for routine and limited change is the landscape a child needs to build security about the world and ...
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  • Why Is a Judge Appointing a Guardian ad Litem in My Child Custody Dispute?
    In an ideal world, all divorces would be amicable and children would suffer no ill effects from their parents' separation. Unfortunately, not all divorces go smoothly, and individuals often have good and valid reasons for feeling negative towards a soon-to-be ex-spouse. When it comes to divorces that involve ...
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  • Parental Rights and Obligations for Children Born to Unmarried Couples
    Most children grow up knowing who their parents are without question and see their parents' authority and legal status recognized by those that matter, such as school officials, doctors, and government agencies. Recognition as a child's parent brings with it rights regarding the physical custody of the child ...
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