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  • An Overview of Child Custody in Michigan
    There are few issues more contentious in a divorce or legal separation than child custody. Each parent has a vested interest in protecting the best interests of their child, and it can be easy to let emotions overrun efforts to work together. This is why judicial intervention is ...
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  • Three-Year Custody Battle Might Soon Be Over for American Actress
    When parents split up they must go through the difficult process of determining custody and parenting time relative to their children. When both parents work together to reach a custody and parenting time plan, this process is simplified to a large degree. However, more often than not, parents ...
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  • Which Living Arrangement Is Best for Kids After Divorce?
    Divorce is not an easy endeavor. Even when a couple knows that ending their marriage is the best decision for both of them, initiating the process can still be difficult. There are many reasons that divorce is hard; from division of assets to payment of support, with one ...
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  • Child Custody Battle Between Singer and Ex-Girlfriend Really Heating Up
    It has seemingly become a daily occurrence that news of a celebrity break-up, or child support dispute, appears in the papers. As such, it is evident that celebrities are no strangers to divorce and other family law issues, including child custody and child support, and their wealth and ...
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